pk10反水高平台:Postal Refund Claims

postal_iconDue to unforeseen circumstances e.g. late arrival at the airport or flight being called, you may have been unable to complete the VAT refund procedure before your departure. In such circumstances you are able to submit your VAT refund application as a “postal refund claim”.

The documentation to be submitted for a postal refund application will depend on the documents in your possession:

Goods already inspected by RSA Customs or the VAT Refund Administrator

If you had presented your goods for inspection and your invoices have been endorsed with a “goods inspected stamp”, you are required to submit the following documents:

The original tax invoice(s) endorsed by RSA Customs or by the VAT Refund Administrator.

A copy of your passport showing your personal details as well as the entry and exit stamps into and from South Africa.

A letter of explanation, explaining in detail as to why you were unable to submit your claim on departure from South Africa.

A duly completed postal refund application form.

Goods not inspected by RSA Customs or the VAT Refund Administrator

If you were unable to present the goods for inspection to a RSA Customs official or VAT Refund Administrator, in addition to the documents referred to above you are required to submit:

An original “export declaration form”. Please note that this form should be signed and endorsed by a Customs official on your arrival in your home country. The Customs official is required to confirm that the goods have been imported into your home country.